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Printing on Fastrax Kit

The Options

All Fastrax clothing carries our Fastrax brand log in accordance with UKA rules.

All of our Popular Styles of vest have been designed to ensure that it is possible to have the name of your club or team printed on the garment without being obscured by your race number. We always try to achieve this when designing custom vests for you. Printing your club/team name or logo is a service that we offer at a very reasonable cost.

Almost all Fastrax garments can be printed using one of the following methods.


'Flock' is our normal and preferred method of printing. It provides a light, durable and highly visible print at a reasonable cost, with the added flexibility that a single item can be printed at no extra cost. Flock prints can be made in a wide range of colours and designs. A huge range of font styles are available but we strongly advise the use of plain fonts as these can be easily read at a distance, especially in a race.

The initial cost of flock printing comprises an artwork set-up charge plus the actual cost of the prints. All prints must be pre-paid. There is a minimum order per print size.

Example see table below:

For a 1 colour 228mm x 76mm print, the artwork charge is 30.50 and pre-paid price is 1.30 per print. The minimum order for this size of print is 44 prints so the initial cost is 30.50 (artwork) + (1.30 x 44) = 87.50.


1 30.50 228 x 76 1.30

228 x101 1.80

228 x 152 2.60

228 x 304 5.20

2 55.50 228 x 76 2.50

228 x101 3.60

228 x 152 5.20

228 x 304 10.40

Prices for multi coloured prints are available on request.


Digital prints are a development of the laser prints we used for many years. They provided a higher quality of print in which colour rendition is close to the original artwork (see Backgrounds below).For one-off items, or printing a small number of garments, our standard digital printsprovide a practical alternative. Either single or multi-coloured prints can be produced for the same cost, for example 2.50 per 9" x 3" print.

Generally, when camera ready artwork is supplied, there is a minimum set-up charge of 5.00 per design. Where we are required to add lettering (e.g. runners' names or website address) to pictures/drawings etc. and/or enlage or enhance images there will usually be an additional charge. We will always agree this with you before proceeding with the work.

All artwork designed by us remains copyright of Fastrax until your first order is delivered. See (Design Service link which may apply)

The above includes digital images which must conform to the specifications below. However, if you need assistance/advice about this ring Jo Fricker on 01943 601581 or email her on


  1. MINIMUM RESOLUTION: 300ppi (pixels per inch) Original.
  2. Internet screen grabs are not suitable - they are only 72ppi


  1. .eps (but Zip before sending) (Adobe Illustrator). V.10 compatible.
  2. .ai (Adobe Illustrator). V.10 compatible.
  3. .psd (PhotoShop)
  4. .pdf (but only as a last resort)

Images contained in a Microsoft Word document are not usually suitable, especially if multiple copies are required for the whole print job.


Our standard digital prints are for application only on light coloured backgrounds eg White, Light Grey, Yellow, Pale Blue, Pale Green. On backgrounds other than white some shade variation may occur.


After thorough tests we are now able to offer a new, enhanced digital print which can be applied to all colours of garment. These are high quality prints which can be produced either in single or multi colours. They are particularly suitable where a large number of prints are required and/or the design contains fine detail or accurate colour rendition is important. They cost a little more than our normal digital prints. Jo Fricker will be pleased to provide full details.



Except in very large numbers, eg for race t-shirts, we do not normally screen print garments. However, as with everything we do if you feel that this is what you require, contact Jo (Fricker)e.mail link here and she will be pleased to take your enquiry forward.


Embroidery provides an alternative choice to Flock or Laser printing as a means to customise your garment order.

It is also the only method available for some items which cannot be heatprinted due to a particularly high nylon fibre content (e.g. the Team Allen Jacket).
A variety of basic text or embroiderer sourced logos are available WITHOUT a set-up cost
at the following prices:-
FRONT BREAST AREA (approx 8cm in size) 5.75 inc vat.
REAR LARGER TEXT ( approx 23 x 8cm) 7.50p inc vat.
Reproduction of your own artwork WILL incur an initial set-up charge with prices starting from 55.00 inc vat. Each embroidered garment will then incur charges similar to those above .
If in any doubt please contact Jo Fricker(e.mail link) who will be pleased to arrange a full quote for you.



If your vest design is produced by sublimation printing, your name, logo etc are an integral part of the design for which there is no additional cost. An example of this is shown aside indicating the fine level of detail (ie the black outling on the shield) which can be achieved by this method.









EXAMPLES OF SUBLIMATION PRINTS (incorporated into design of vest)


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