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NO HIDDEN COSTS - ALL OF OUR PRICES INCLUDE VAT and the only additional costs are Printing/Embroidery (Andy please add link) and Carriage (Andy please add link)


(Sourcing athletics kit for your club or team can be an extremely difficult and frustrating task.


Established in the late 1970's, FASTRAX initially supplied many of the wave of new running clubs setting up at that time. From that small beginning FASTRAX has now established itself as one of the leading suppliers of club/team vests, shorts and other items of customised running clothing in the UK.


We know we are well placed to end your search in a positive way and welcome you to the 'Fastrax Family' where we will provide you with reasonably priced, reliable kit made in the latest technical moisture management fabrics. In doing so we aim to deal with you in a friendly, helpful and thoroughly professional way.


Throughout the site we hope you will find all of the information you need about our club kit. However, if something is not clear, if you need to know anything else or wish to discuss any special requirements you can send us an e.mail via our Contact Page or ring Jo Fricker on 01943 601581.

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Fastrax running kit is worn regularly by athletes representing a wide range of organisations throught the UK and abroad. We are particularly well known for our running vests which are worn regularly by runners representing: (bullets please Andy)

  • Running Clubs
  • Fitness/Health Clubs
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Charities - we are particularly well placed to supply small charities at very competitive prices
  • Companies/Corporate Teams
  • Police/Public Services
  • Armed Forces
  • Schools
  • Individuals raising sponsorship


Increasingly, with the rise in popularity of 'charity and mass participation events' such as the London Marathon, Great North Run and Race for Life, we are producing more vests for runners in these races bearing the logo of their chosen charity. We are particularly well placed to produce these in both large and in smaller numbers - the latter which many of our competitors are unable to do. (Andy - this para in a box/frame to make it stand out but not glare at you?)

While we specialize in kit for running and athletics events we also supply items to other organisations such as: (Bullets please Andy)

  • Canoe/Rowing Clubs
  • Hockey Clubs
  • Swimming Clubs
  • Triathlon Clubs

and, our printed t-shirts and sweatshirts are worn as everyday workwear by company staff and in public service.

PERMALOSE COATED FABRIC - dont forget to say something in appropriate section

SUBLIMATION PRINTED VESTS (Alistair - make a more striking headline)

Traditionally, running vests have been made by sewing together panels of fabric in different colours to make up the design. This is still the most popular way of manufacturing them and a the only method which many of our competitors employ.

However, with the advent of new technology and the increasing desire for more distinctive and complex designs we are pleased to have introduced a new process to facilitate these at a very reasonable cost - typically from £17.00 per vest.

The range of designs is infinite but we have included a few examples below. If you would like to know more about this highly cost effective option please contact Jo(anna) Fricker on 01943 601581 or send her an e.mail (Andy - add link please) with your requirements.

Fastrax running vests are worn by athletes representing over xxx organisations throughout the UK and abroad. We regularly supply:

  • Individual customers
  • Running clubs
  • Fitness clubs
  • Universities / colleges
  • Company / corporate teams
  • Police / public services
  • Armed forces
  • Schools
  • Charities
  • Individual customers


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