About Fastrax

Founded by Terry Lonergan in the late 1970's, FASTRAX initially supplied many of the wave of new running clubs setting up at that time. From that small beginning FASTRAX has now established itself as one of the leading suppliers of club/team vests, shorts and other items of customised running clothing in the UK.


Terry remains at the helm. He is an accomplished runner, having raced in all disciplines including fell, trail, cross country, track and on the roads. He takes his running very seriously, still trains on a daily basis and regularly races competitively for his club (Sale Harriers Manchester) where he began his running career.

He has an unrivalled knowledge of runner's requirements, especially when it comes to 'club kit'. Terry loves talking running and ensures that his extensive knowledge is available to new clubs wishing to establish their own unique identity, and also to existing clubs wanting to change direction on their club kit.

Terry is supported by a strong team of staff, themselves, all with a club running background.

Jo Fricker has been in charge of ............ for many years and enjoys a strong rapport with our customers, many of whom have been with us since 'day one'.

Jo ensures that our customers requirements are understood and met in a friendly, knowledgeable and professional manner, and together with Terry and our other staff plays a key part in maintaining Fastrax's position as a front runner in this highly specialised field.

The FASTRAX brand was created to meet the demanding needs of club runners, providing them with a comprehensive range of kit which established their identity. FASTRAX policy was to be as flexible as possible, imposing minimal restrictions on ordering while maintaining continuity and a reasonable price. That philosophy remains.

In recent years there have been significant developments in the fabrics used to make running clothing. Lightweight, breathable, high wicking materials are now the norm. To ensure that the diverse needs of clubs are catered for, FASTRAX can supply the best of these in an extensive range of colours, made up in one of our stock styles or to your own design.


Have a look at the Product pages of this site where you can see for yourself the range of kit available and the permutations of colour and style. On our gallery page you can see a large selection of these being worn at events throughout the country.

Why Choose Fastrax?

The Fastrax brand is very well known throughout the UK.

Our vests have been worn for many years by members of some of the country's leading athletics clubs, schools, universities, charities and corporate teams and some of our leading athletes.

We have a large customer base, many of whom have been with us since we started in business xx years ago. Fastrax is recognised as being one of the leading supliers of club athletics vests in the UK.

Apart from vests we also offer a complete range of other apparel including shorts, crop tops, long and shortsleeve running tops, jackets and socks. All Fastrax apparel is made from the latest technical moisture management fabrics and is competitively priced. Our minimum order requirements are also generally lower than our competitors and for some items there is no minimum order at all - you can order as few or as many as you like.

Most of our staff either are or have been actively involved in a sport which they love dearly and enjoy talking running to our customers who we like to establish a friendly relationship while remaining fully focussed to the needs of our customers.

All Fastrax products contain a Fastrax Logo.

CR benefits to members - 10% on-line discount - mention here.